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RL’ Solutions, is a Peruvian company specialized in the development and implementation of enterprise (managerial) systems. We rely on a select group of professionals, legally accredited, and infrastructure that allow us to construct, to innovate and to give maintenance to the systems of your organization in an efficient way.

We know the needs of the today company, their challenge of being competitive on such a demanding market, where the successful decisions and consequently their development and growth depends on having the best and more modern tools. For it we have developed products and services (robust and dynamic) using the last thing in technology of systems engineering and being always a day in legal topics, with the above mentioned scopes you are going to rely on very useful Tools that will allow your company to continue growing.

Specific Systems
Web Applications
Technical Support
Linux Solutions
Development of a specific system CATS (COST ANALISYS TRACKING SYSTEM) for the Mining Company Barrik,, in representation of LINKSolutions S.A.A.

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