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RL’ Solutions,offer integral solutions that includes the analysis of the problem, the design and programming of the software, the installation and finally the training and support for the persons that are going to gain benefits form the automation

Based in our experience and reality of the company we will analyze which of the architectures o computer technologies will provide a major benefit for our clients.



RL’ Solutions, use in agreement to the type of project or the standards of the client the best tools and technologies of software.

Database - DBMS
Microsoft SQL Server

Development Tools
Power Builder 6.5, 7.0, 9.1, 10.0,10.5,11.0.
Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0.
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003.

Development of software, key in hand

There are particular processes in your company that can be relay on a software/backoffice that will allow the most efficient use of the human resources of your company. The success of the software gives operating profits not only depends of having good programmers, next we indicate the correct steps to achieve it:

  • Functional specifications

This service allows to shape the business processes to obtain a detailed document of functionalities / cases of use that the software built is going to be able to do. Is important the user’s participation with full knowledge of the reality of their organization.

  • Build software

This service allows, on the basis of the functional specifications, to design and build strong software according to the technical standards of the company. Depending on the magnitude of the software we can give partial deliveries to incorporate gradually the use of the new software in the organization. The kinds of applications that we have developed successfully are:

    • Web Applications: Intranet, Extranet
    • Client/Server applications: record of information, business processes, ERP’ interfaces


  • Implementation of software

This service allows you to deploy/start the software in the company in order that the benefits could be reflected in the organization as soon as possible and can reduce the change risk. We consider the following scopes:

    • Installation of the software on stations and servers
    • Software configuration
    • Loads of historical information
      • Manual: From physical documents
      • Automatic: From database of another system
    • Sensibilities strategies for the users
    • Training / Evaluation of users and system’s managers
    • Training of TI to give technical support to the system
    • Training of TI to maximized the use of information of the database in order to create your own request
    • Operative follow-up the first days of use of the system


  • Support and Maintenance

This service allows to assure the continuity of the software in the time and minimize any doubt or functional or technical inconvenient in the time of life of the software. We consider the following scopes

    • Functional support for the user to facilitate the use of the system, according to is needed in the offices of the client or remotely
    • Technical support: allow to check incidents of the system to correct or incorporate new changes needed for the system

Software’s changes: allow to add functionality to the software to adapt it to organizational changes