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Linux’s Solutions

In order to cover all the needs that appear in a the organization, RL’ Solutions has a range of linux Solutions that allow to increase your guaranteeing quality levels and superior safety to other systems:

Web Servers

Web Servers with high performance, free of virus, capable of hosting several domains at the same time in an alone machine, these servers come with a MySQL database, and support to program in PHP.

Proxy Servers

- Console of monitoring statistics
- Filtered of dynamic content
- Several options of leaked pages
- Transparent for users
- Allow authentication of servers with domain NT
- Transparent/Authenticated Wndows
- Authenticated Novel
- Antivirus

Mail servers

With support to multiple domains of mail in a same equipment. These servers are free to computer’s virus and support protocols such as POP3, IMAP, SMTP, etc. In order to offer a complete protection this servers have an antispam and antivirus system integrated, they also support quotas and digital signatures.
Having a checking system that allows they to know the quantity of emails receives, the quantity of virus and spam detected. Optionally a Web interface can handle emails from any part of the world

High availability

Solutions for companies that requires manage high volumes of load information or need to give services without reducing the speed of their applications, this solutions are based in different technologies like: balancing loads, database clusters, web servers cluster, cluster of processing, etc


We protect your network and information of intruders and on line attacks. Our solution contemplates since simple walls of safety to Systems of Intruders' Detection (Firewalls, Systems of Intruders' Detection, Proxy Server, forensic analysis, Analisys of vulnerabilities.


Implementación y solución de problemas en el area de redes , comunicación de datos, redes Privadas virtuales (VPN), configuracion de routers, seteo de Calidad de Servicio (QoS) e instalacion de servidores DNS.

Files servers

Implementation and configuration of domain servers to manage domains of windows using LDAP as system directory .