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Development of Web sites / Web Applications

Nowadays, a Web site can achieve your organization consolidates the strong image of the company, In addition of giving information about the products that they offered, they can interact with their final clients it could turn the web site into decisive tool to improve the sales.

We give an integral solution for your web site that includes:


  • Conceptualization - Redesign of the current Website

This service gives you experts in creative design on webs that can draw a web site more attractive for your organization. This involve working with the area of institutional image or marketing of your organization, part of the methodology of work consists of presenting to this alternatives areas different kinds of models or ideas for your Web site in order to get more impact and according to company’s expectatives,

  • Elaboration/ Maintenance of web sites improving for SEO

The considerations that we make for Search Engine Optimization – SEO, allow the web pages that develop should be optimized for their adapted indexing by the engines of search: Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, etc. This way they can assure a better presence in the searches of the potential consumers.

Some of the technologies that are in use:

    • Cleaning and standard of html: tags, goals, titles, use of styles CSS
    • Compatibility of the pages with internet explorer and Firefox, Check of broken links
    • Redirecting of pages


  • Development of web applications 2.0

The web application 2.0 is orientated for internet explorers to be able to have more interaction with web sites and participate in a more active way with the content of the same ones. Some examples of applications of this nature are;

    • Pages of contact: Allow consumers of product and services to leave their wonderings, requests and feedback so necessarily for improving the quality of service.
    • Cart of purchases in line with capacity to show the catalogue of products and make the request in a real time by using the interfaces of paying available in the market: Paypal, Verisign, Visa, ETC
    • Forums: Allow internet explorers to make a polemic about a specific subject that the forum’s manager suggest.
    • Blogs: Allow the internet explorers or web master to publish chronicles or narratives that potential clients can be interested,
    • Administration of content: A module of administration of content can allow the area of marketing or other one that choose the company, be able to modify or create new pages without using specialized tools.
    • Polls: Allow internet explorers be able to give their opinion about a specific subject. Preference of products, opinion about today’s news, etc.